Singin’ and swingin’

From Taiwan to the American South and beyond, Li Liu blends musical styles from jazz, blues and gospel to Chinese music
Li Liu’s passion for jazz led her from Taiwan to the heart and soul of the music – the southern United States, the birthplace of jazz. Before moving to the United States, Li had already crafted a successful career as a jazz vocalist in Taiwan. She performed in major venues, toured with professional jazz musicians, recorded an album, and appeared in the TV programs Chinese Million Star and University.

    However, in her heart she strove for more. She wanted to explore the roots of the music she loves, so she left her comfortable life in Taiwan and dove headfirst into the Texas jazz scene. At the University of North Texas she studied with some of the best jazz educators in the United States, and she continues to perform in the bustling music scene of the night clubs and bars of the downtown Dallas. Since moving to Texas Li has found a passion for singing gospel music in Texas Churches. This gospel sound has inspired her scat singing and compositions. 
    Li Liu is a risk-taker when improvising. She regards every solo opportunity as her last chance to express herself. Li has a strong sense of projection and loses herself in the pleasure of sharing music with her audiences. Her latest original Chinese jazz project – Song Dynasty creates a unique sound by fusing playful Chinese lyrics with jazz-rooted compositions. She has toured the east coast of Canada, the United States Pacific North West and Taiwan. She is looking forward to releasing her debut album with Song Dynasty in winter 2018. 

    Li has a passion for teaching, and she is always looking to develop her teaching skill. After receiving her master’s degree of Jazz Studies at University of North Texas in 2018 she participated the vocal pedagogy conference LoVetri’s method Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music. She is certified in all three levels. Li maintains a small studio with dedicated students. 

    台灣桃園人,美國北德州大學 (UNT, University of North Texas) 爵士演唱碩士畢業。就讀師大國文系期間因深受美國爵士人聲大師巴比·麥可菲林 (Bobby McFerrin) 啟發,而醉心於研究人聲、爵士樂及表演藝術。曾為藍莓派爵士樂團主唱、台大爵士騷動大樂團主唱暨薩克斯風手。並榮獲台中國際爵士音樂節爵士新秀冠軍、政大金弦獎獨唱亞軍、師大道整合唱團獨唱冠軍。現場演出、電台錄音與電視錄影之經驗豐富,2012年受邀至《大學生了沒》及《華人星光大道》電視節目錄影,同年受邀至News98電台《愛你22小時》節目接受作家王文華的訪談;隔年資深爵士電台主持人 沈鴻元邀請,於愛樂電台《爵士夜》節目接受訪談錄音;同年亦受邀至Bravo電台的《爵色漫舞》節目接受爵士福音歌手史茵茵的專題訪談。 

    2013年與港台爵士樂手舉辦台灣巡演活動《Chill Out! 弛放爵士夜》並收錄一張現場演出專輯《Marico Liu with the Voyage Band: Live at Marsalis Home》;2015年與金音獎得主之爵士吉他手
陳穎達舉辦《Love for Sale!愛情拍賣大會》劉俐爵士五重奏台灣巡迴演出。目前活躍於美國達拉斯-沃斯堡地區(DFW, Dallas-Fort Worth),並與加拿大籍吉他手Ben Holt主持華語爵士創作計畫「Song Dynasty 頌音爵代」,此創作計畫已至加拿大東岸、美國西岸與台灣各地舉辦多場巡迴演出,預計將於2018年冬季發行「Song Dynasty頌音爵代」的第一張同名專輯。(詳情請參見官網:songdynastyjazz.com)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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